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Specializing in Live Operator Services, Customer Service, Answering Service, Orders, Oncall Services, Voice Mail, IVR Technologies and more!

A-B Communications, in business since 1960 is proud to celebrate 53 years in telecommunications in 2013! Through the years, our business has evolved and changed.  However, we have always held on to the principles of great value, high quality and top technology.  Just as we were then, we are now, a business built and defined by the services that the customer needs, the standards that the customer requires and the goals our customer is reaching for.

Need your company to communicate better? Need to promote efficiency? Need to stretch a short staff? Need to work smarter? Tired of entering information into service call logs, over and over and over? Need to have a wholesale change of your database and just don't want to do the work? Want to automate your service department? Need to get have hundreds of staff members get a notification quickly?

We can help you with that...... and much, much more!


Call us before you start any big project. We can help you scale it down and make it manageable!!





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